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Product Colour

Per Page
Arizer - Air 2 $232.99

An easy to use vaporizer.

Arizer - Go $261.99

A discreet, portable vaporizer.

Arizer - Solo 2 $243.99

A heavy duty vaporizer.

Grenco - Gpen Elite $173.99

A small portable, rechargeable vaporizer.

Grenco - Gpen Pro $95.99

A small portable, rechargeable vaporizer.

Grindhouse - Shift Vaporizer $129.99

A personal vaporizer made of ceramic and glass.

Pax Vapor - Pax 3 Basic Kit Device Only $259.99

The PaxVapor Pax 3 is a dual use vaporizer for herb and extract.

Pax Vapor - Pax 3 Complete Kit $319.99

A dual use vaporizer for dry herb and extract.

Storz and Bickel - The Crafty $339.99

A device that can be controlled through a iOS and Android compatible app.

Storz and Bickel - The Mighty $419.99

A powerful, but compact vaporizer.

Yocan - Evolve Plus Wax Starter Kit $49.99 $39.99

A complete wax started kit.