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The Dr. Dabber SWITCH is quite simply, the next generation of vaporizer. Utilizing patent pending induction heating technology, the SWITCH delivers unparalleled performance with absolutely no compromise. This IS the next level.


I never expected the switch to be this awesome. Being able to use either oils or flower is amazing. Whether you want flavor or dense smoke, the switch have the perfect temp for it. Once again, this is truly the last e-rig you will ever need.


I recently upgraded from a boost black edition to a Switch. I am a medical user and the Switch is absolutely outstanding. The build exudes quality. It is simple to operate and very stable. Using the Switch results in almost immediate reduction of chronic pain and an increase in mobility. The benefits last much longer as well. An absolute joy to use and exceeds my expectations. Thank you Dr Dabber for putting so much thought into the Switch and making this amazing device available.

This thing is a beast! It feels very solid and well made. I picked up the 3 pack of crystal quartz inserts and they are amazing they really do taste good and I can get a massive dab at 15/25 heat setting. One plus I’ve noticed right away is this makes my oil last a bit longer and the effect is more intense and consistent than my old E-nail and Toro.